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Economic Development Studies & Community Strategic Plans

A community strategic plan can be an excellent tool for pointing communities in the direction they want to go. A shared community vision will be essential for Dahlonega and Lumpkin County to address the many changes of the 21st Century.

  • Project Vision - Economic Development Vision & Implementation Plan
    Community visioning is the process of developing consensus about what future the community wants, and then deciding what is necessary to achieve it. Members of the community have been working behind the scenes since 2009 to bring community leaders together on this important initiative, dubbed Project Vision.

    The purpose of Project Vision is to develop an Economic Development Vision and Implementation Plan. The project will broadly engage the Dahlonega and Lumpkin County community for input and will include facilitated meetings and deliberation by the steering committee in order to develop a clear vision for the economic success of the community, the development and prioritization of goals, and a clear definable plan for implementation, monitoring progress, and assessing results.
  • 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan for City of Dahlonega, Georgia (2005 with 2010 update)
    In 2003, the City of Dahlonega contracted with the Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center to prepare a full update to the current comprehensive plan. Aside from the basic need for a plan to guide growth and development, the requirement of a plan by the Georgia General Assembly (pursuant to the Georgia Planning Act of 1989) to be eligible for certain state grants and loans provides the major impetus for each local government to embark on the comprehensive planning process.

  • 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan for Lumpkin County (2005 with 2010 update)
    In 1993, the Lumpkin County Commissioner contracted again with the Georgia Mountains RDC to prepare a comprehensive plan including population, housing, economic development, historic resources, natural resources,  land use, community facilities and implementation elements.  Chapters of this plan correspond to these required planning elements. In 2003, Lumpkin County once again sought the assistance of Georgia Mountains RDC to update the county’s comprehensive plan, as required by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. 

  • Comprehensive Development Regulations for City of Dahlonega, Georgia (2000)
    An ordinance establishing rules and regulations governing the subdivision and development of land within the incorporates City of Dahlonega, Georgia; defining standards for street, utilities, and drainage improvements; providing for the method od administration and amendment; prescribing penalties for the violation of its provisions; and for other purposes.

  • Dahlonega Downtown Master Plan (2008)
    The next twenty years will be crucial in testing Dahlonega'€™s ability to grow without sacrificing the qualities which have made it popular as a destination and desirable as a home. Lumpkin County will also face the same challenge of accommodating new development without destroying the landscape which defines it. As Atlanta continues to expand, these fragile environments to the north will face increasing pressure to change unless focused and aggressive action is taken to manage the city's form in the future. This Downtown Master Plan and the accompanying appendix is one step in that direction. It has attempted to show where and how the city can expand and still be the small town that everyone knows and loves. The plan lays out a vision and a framework for progress to 2030.

  • Dahlonega Historic District Design Guidelines (2014)
    The Objectives of the Historic Preservation Commission and Design Guidelines are to (1) Protect the historic character of the Historic District, (2) Provide guidance to design professionals, property owners, and contractors undertaking construction within the district, (3) Identify important review concerns, recommend appropriate design approaches, and identify inappropriate changes, (4) Provide an objective basis for review to ensure consistency and fairness, and (5) Increase public awareness of the district and its significant characteristics. The revised guidelines will provide the HPC with clear and uniform design standards to reference in their review process and to offer property owners guidance in designing and planning rehabilitation and / or new constructions projects. The revisions will facilitate ease of use by both the applicant and the commission. The Historic Preservation Commissioners are committed to working with property owners to ensure ongoing compliance with the Secretary of Interior Standards, to preserving Dahlonega's listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and to protecting the economic impact on Dahlonega.

  • Downtown Dahlonega Market Study
    In 2007, Bleakly Advisory Group, as part of the consulting team led by Urban Collage, Inc, prepared a market study for downtown Dahlonega that was a key element in creating the Downtown Master Plan. Since then, the real estate market in Dahlonega and Nationwide has undergone profound changes  brought on by the Great Recession. As we begin to emerge from the most severe effects of the recession, the Dahlonega Downtown Development Authority has updated the original market study.

  • Economic Contribution of Georgia Wineries and Vineyards (2013)
    The Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development (CAED) was commissioned to examine the data from two surveys to obtain detailed information on winery and vineyard operators and their visitors to update their profiles and estimate the sector’s economic contribution to Georgia’s economy from a three-component perspective. These components include grape production, winery and vineyard operations, and visitor expenditures.

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